The Kitchen

Nearly every recipe on this site was cooked in this kitchen.  When I first moved here, after being spoilt with living in places with either a decent sized kitchen with a gas-stove or aga, plus a dish-washer, I really wasn't sure I'd be able to do any cooking.

However, once I finally moved a couple of my pans up here, and got used to juggling things about a bit, I realised that there was actually a lot I was able to prepare here.

Just having the two hobs, and no more than a draining board to do all my prep on does make things a little tricky, but over the years, I've worked out ways of getting around the space shortage to some degree, plus it tends to make 'clean as you go' far more important.

My oven can be seen on the left of the picture, a Sharp Combination Oven, which works really well.  A little more control over the temperature would be useful, but still, it was certainly very good value for money.

Update: Since April 2012, I've finally got a sensible sized kitchen.  But I still think sort of fondly of this kitchen.  For one thing, tt certainly taught me how to clean as you go, otherwise you couldn't continue through lack of space.
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